I ON I WHERE , by the  HINTERLAND Collective

February 3 -24, 2024

Opening reception in the presence of Sonia Beauchesne, Katia Martel, Catherine Sheedy 

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Montreal, January 24, 2024 –  Où I On I Where, title of the exhibition by the Hinterland Collective, brings together the work of 8 contemporary jewelry artists from three different countries. Exploring the notion of territory, they offer us different points of view, but we can find perceptible correspondences in their work. The exhibition will be on display at Galerie Noel Guyomarc,h from February 3 to 24, 2024.

Hinterland Collective Artists : 

  • Sonia Beauchesne, Katia Martel, Catherine Sheedy from Québec,
  • Lisa Arnott, Jessica Howarth from Scotland,
  • Nùria Anguren, Gemma Canal et Elena Moreno from Catalonia.

In 2018, the three instigators of the collective, Sonia Beauchesne, Lisa Arnott and Gemma Canal, met during Munich Contemporary Jewelry Week, a major international event. Well beyond being jewelers, they discover cultural, political, social, and geographical affinities because of the places in which they live – Quebec, Scotland, and Catalonia. To highlight the distinct specificities of these regions or nations within their respective countries, they choose the theme towards the notion of territory. To have diverse visions and proposals on this subject, each instigator invites other artists. Considering the works created and to highlight the linguistic differences, they choose the title  I On I Where, i.e. French, Catalan and English.


The artists of the Hinterland Collective, Hinterland meaning backcountry, remote regions of a country, located beyond what is visible or known, propose a response to the concept of territory, according to their aesthetic and their perception of the identity of a place – a place which can be geographical, personal, feminine, etc.

Always referring to the history of the place where she finds the raw material for her work, in this case shale debris, Catherine Sheedy, from Lévy, Québec, created a Norwegian Landscape series while in residence in Norway. Her jewels evoke the history of the cycle of this material from the mountains, used for the roofs of city houses and now often found on Norwegian beaches.

Both from Tarragona in Catalonia, Elena Moreno and Nùria Anguren take an acerbic look at the human condition. “Anthropocene”, the title of Elena Moreno‘s works, expresses the new geological era characterized by human’s impact on the earth. Fascinated by archaeology, she salvaged remains from geological research laboratories, cast them in polyester and then sculpted into stone shapes. The impurities of plastic residues contained in these new stones symbolize man’s passage on earth and his purely lucrative action on natural resources.

Through her work, Nùria Anguren shows the impact of man on his own body, on his organs, through the effect of pollution on fascia, causing partial rigidity of the organs. These foam collars are coated with mineral paint with photo-catalytic properties to guarantee healthy, pure air.

Gemma Canal lives in Barcelona and is interested in the fragilitý of the concept of “home”, a territory inhabited daily and shared for twenty years, a rental living space exposed to social change and the explosion and pressure of the real estate market.

Using a limited selection of industrial enamel colors that she treats in many ways, Lisa Arnott creates surfaces that reflect the memory of place and the passage of time. Inspired by both rural and industrial landscapes, she collects marks, patterns and textures generated by human intervention. Katia Martel translates similar themes into a different aesthetic and materiality. Based in Senneterre, in the Abitibi-Témiscaminque region of Quebec, her work is inspired by the human traces left by mining exploration, places of impressive size and environmental impact.  In a similar vein, Sonia Beauchesne formally associates organic elements found on significant sites with her jewelry. These elements echo moments in life, evoked in the form of short poetic statements that come to life in her artist’s notebook.

The Fluraichen collection, born during the pandemic, is the result of jeweller Jessica Howarth‘s soothing and joyful view of nature. Although time seemed to be suspended, her observations of the ever-changing colors and patterns of flora and fauna throughout the seasons are reflected in her new creations.

The exhibition Où I On I Where starts on Feburary 3 and continues until February 24, 2024

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