Amir Sheikhvand

“These brooches from the Nowrooz Garden series evoke a profound sense of tranquility, as if one were transported to a serene garden oasis. The brooches, combining ancient techniques and nature-inspired creation with elegance and subtle power, serve as more than mere adornment; they become symbols of grace and fortitude, grounding their wearer in moments of uncertainty and elevating them with an aura of calm and tranquility.”

Amir Sheikhvand, an Iranian-Canadian artist, integrates a rich blend of diverse influences into his jewelry craft. Initially trained in science and graphic design, he later pursued his passion for jewelry, graduating from Tehran’s Gold Institute in 1994. Amir’s journey includes a deep immersion in traditional Iranian techniques such as Malileh-kary (filigree work) and Minakary (miniature enameling), as well as high-tech fabrication techniques in fine jewelry. His work is featured in private and museum.