Corrina Goutos

Corrina Goutos, a Native of Upstate New York, now established in Hamburg Germany, is a contemporary jewelry artist whose work deals with themes of consumerism.  Her work, like her inspiration quell, lingers the blurred line between two familiarities: products of mass production and products of nature.  Her search for a genuine snapshot of modern life, lead to her fascination with reading the unfinished stories, and rivaling in the contradictions, she observes in the consumer environment- specifically habits of waste disposal.  The jewelry itself is crafted from material culture pure, through experimental casting and clever connections, her studio practice reanimates a range of household materials.  Goutos is internationally active in the field of contemporary jewelry, having lectured and presented a solo show during the largest contemporary jewelry fair in Munich this year, as well as exhibited in Stockholm, Athens, Barcelona, Bucharest and Guangzhou.