Sondra Sherman

Sondra Sherman’s work explores the distinctive voice of jewelry and the psychological and social context of the body/wearer. Subjects inherent to those contexts of personal and social identity have inspired diverse series of work which use the social codes and the private/public location of jewelry as a platform which invites a broad audience to a conversation grounded in empathy.
‘Upside Down in Paradise’ her most recent series, expresses the experience of displacement and the poetic paradoxes found in the day to day of ‘California Dreamin’ as photographed or recorded from ‘the road’.
Associate Professor of Art and Head of the Jewelry and Metalwork Program in the San Diego School of Art + Design, Sondra Sherman has been an invited speaker and a panel participant at numerous fairs and professional events. Her work is included in many American museums collections, among them of the LACMA, Los Angeles, CA, the MAD, NY, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.