Tore Svensson

With an internationally recognized oeuvre and a career spanning more than four decades, Tore Svensson is a key figure in Swedish jewelry and silversmithing. Apart from being a prolific studio artist, he has held the position of professor of jewelry at this alma mater, the HDK School of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg. Concentration and precision form the signature style of the artist, whose work stands out for its sophisticated use of steel as a material for jewelry and hollowware. Svensson prefers to create his jewelry works in conceptually unified series in which the individual pieces show a range of subtle variations in form, texture and color. In addition to being part of important private and public collections, his work has been presented in internationally in numerous museums and galleries. Svensson’s pieces have been selected several times for the prestigious Schmuck exhibition in Munich.

CAD $1,655.00