Carina Shoshtary

Carina Shoshtary’s jewelry can be described as emotional, imaginative and innovative. Carina Shoshtary describes herself as a sort of modern hunter-gatherer. In her previous collections, she explored materials from her immediate environment such as graffiti, ciment, plastic. Her most recent collections are the result of new work with PLA (polylactic acid), a biodegradable polymer. Composed of colored filaments, her jewelry is constructed according to the artist’s imagination, like a drawing that becomes three-dimensional.

For When We Flourish is a series of earrings inspired by blooming flowers. Mock Weave is a collection of bracelets that confuse us. Constructed stitch by stitch, they feel like they have been woven.

Carina Shoshtary studied goldsmithing in Neugablonz. The artist pursued her education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Germany under Professor Otto Künzli. In addition to being part of important collections such as Munich International Design Museum and London Victoria & Albert Museum, her work has been presented internationally in numerous museums and galleries. In 2012, she received the Bavarian State Prize for Emerging Designers and the Upper Bavarian Prize for Applied Arts.