Karin Roy Andersson

Karin Roy Andersson received both her Bachelors and Masters degrees at the University of Arts and Crafts and Design in Gothenburg. Since then, she took part in an impressive number of exhibitions, both national and international. 2018 AJF Artists Award finalist, she received many awards, grants and scholarship. In 2010, she opened with 3 others jewelry artists « Four », a gallery and workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden.

This new body of work is the result of a project in which Karin collaborated with artist Monica Blind Påve. Monica works with Saami crafts (duodji) and they have shared materials, experiences and sources of inspiration, knowledge and techniques. During this project, she introduced her to reindeer skin as a material. She uses this skin in the same way as plastic from her previous collections, cut out pieces and sew them together in larger shapes. The long tradition of working with leather and living material creates a feeling of connection with the root system of her family tree, with her heritage and knowledge, to which she pays homage with this more contemporary work.